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O i l s

Blood and Phlegm, 2003
Exp1, 2003
Exp2, 2003
Exp3, 2003
Hammerheads, 2003
Kayab, 2003
Buttoncup's Passession, 2002-2003
The Blood of Dionysus, 2002-2003


Gallery of Oil Paintings

W a t e r c o l o u r s

An insect at the Theatre of Dionysus, 2003
Mothra, 2003
Neon Eyes, 2003
Dancing by the Main Stage, 2003
Fear of Intimacy, 2003
Massage, 2003
Waiting to be Untrapped, 2003
The Time of the Two Shadows, 2003
Flower and Seed of Eleusis, 2003


Gallery of Watercolours

D r a w i n g s

Self Portrait With Sleep Deprivation, 2003
Self Digestion, 2003
Meditating, 2003
Psychological Development, 2003
Flowers Grow from Shit, 2003
Lorna's Eye, 2003
Shapes of Consciousness, 2003
The WInter Hills, 2003
Three Stages of Love, 2003
An Eye Lokks Out from Behind its Mask, 2003


Gallery of Drawings

I n k, & C h a r c o a l

Standing Nude, 2003
Reclining Nude, 2003
Sitting Nude, 2003
Crouching Nude, 2003


Gallery of Pictures from Reality

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"...consciouness tends to blunt the activities upon which it is exercised, and...in the degree in which these pass unobserved they are purer and have...more vitality..."

(Plotinus, The Enneads, 1st Ennead, 4th Tractate: On Happiness, 10)

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