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W a t e r c o l o u r s

The Promenade at Nice
French Hotel
Statue in Nice
Statue in Nice
Palais de Justice
Bite The Hand That Bites You, 2000
See Birds, 2000
Too faced, 2000
The Angel's Chariot, 2000
Electric Penguin, 2000
Flower In Heaven, 2000
Gin Seng Insomnia, 2000


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D i g i t a l

Self Portrait from the Umbilical Reality, 2000
Receding Allele, 2000
Sage Divines This, 2000
Ed's Mind, 1998
Glastonbury Crop Circles, 2000
Ephemeral Tapestry, 2000
Tidal Vortex, 2000
Flower2, 2000


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D r a w i n g s

The First Face, 2000
The Second Face, 2000
Aztec Law Student, 2000
Flower, 2000
A Month of Doodles, 2000
One IT, 2000
Scared of Pigeons, 2000
Twisted Fingers, 2000
All Eyes, 2000
First Week in Hackney, 2000
Multiple Insights, 2000
Feline Energy Field, 2000
Flowers and Seeds, 2000
Animal Mind, 2000
One to Fifty, 2000
Choas Life, 2000
Ancient Man, 2000
Spiral Eyes, 2000
Vision Fragment, 2000
Dancing Vertebra, 2000


Gallery of Drawings

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"...consciouness tends to blunt the activities upon which it is exercised, and...in the degree in which these pass unobserved they are purer and have...more vitality..."

(Plotinus, The Enneads, 1st Ennead, 4th Tractate: On Happiness, 10)

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