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O i l s

Thought Virus 2002


Gallery of Oil Paintings

W a t e r c o l o u r s

The Brain And Mind Question, 2002
Buxom Truths, 2000-2002
The Necessary Properties of Thought, 2002
The Start of The Process, 2002
The Start of the Process, 2002
View from the Park Near Nietzsche's House
The Road Where Nietzsche Lived
Genoese Hills
Gargoyle on a Police Station
Gargoyle on a Bank
The Faces of Sickness and Health, 2002
The Mask of Certainty, 2002
Sign Wave, 2002
Centrifugal Face, 2002
Climbing the Mountain of Thought, 2002
After the Final Exam, 2002


D r a w i n g s

Faces and Masks, 2002
Elusinian, 2002
Four Eyed Skull, 2002
Curled Tongue, 2002
Moment, 2002
Hare, 2002
Swallowing Poison Spittle, 2002
A Spider Caught in its Own Web, 2002
Meeting Tatiana, 2002
Fox, 2002
Grasping, 2002
The Purification Process, 2002


Gallery of Drawings

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Quote for the day-
"...consciouness tends to blunt the activities upon which it is exercised, and...in the degree in which these pass unobserved they are purer and have...more vitality..."

(Plotinus, The Enneads, 1st Ennead, 4th Tractate: On Happiness, 10)

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