Oils & Mixed Media
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Babies, 1998
Pregnant With Twins, 1999
Beauty is Good Bone Structure, 1998
Gregor, 1999
Hood, 1998
Rabbits and Stick insects, 1997
Kiss 3, 1998
Kiss 1, 1998
Kiss, 1998
Garden, 1997
Kiss2, 1998
Seascape, 1998
Self Portrait with Brain Exposed, 1999
Self Portrait with Tonsilitis, 1997
Toilet, 1998
Mouth Copied Again, 1999
Pop is Fun, 2001
Evolution is Fun, 2001
Politics is Fun, 2001
Thought Virus, 2002
Blood and Phlegm, 2003
Exp1, 2003
Exp2, 2003
Exp3, 2003
Buttoncup's Passession, 2003
Kayab, 2003
Hammerheads, 2003
The Blood of Dionysus, 2002-2003
Insect, 2004
Fear, 2004
Waiting, 2004
Shadows, 2004

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Quote for the day-
"...consciouness tends to blunt the activities upon which it is exercised, and...in the degree in which these pass unobserved they are purer and have...more vitality..."

(Plotinus, The Enneads, 1st Ennead, 4th Tractate: On Happiness, 10)

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