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Moment, 2002
Hare, 2002
Swallowing Poison Spittle, 2002
A Spider Caught in its Own Web, 2002
The First Face, 2000
The Second Face, 2000
Aztec Law Student, 2000
John, 1997
Faces and Masks, 2002
Flower, 2000
A Month of Doodles, 2000
Elusinian, 2002
Face, 2000
Deformed Shark Embryo, 1997
Mask Unmasked, 1996
Mind Growing out of Head, 1997
One IT, 2000
Scared of Pigeons, 2000
Twisted Fingers, 2000
Ancient Man, 2000
All Eyes, 2000
First Week in Hackney, 2000
Multiple Insights, 2000
Feline Energy Field, 2000
Flowers and Seeds, 2000
Animal Mind, 2000
One to Fifty, 2000
Choas Life, 2000
Spiral Eyes, 2000
Vision Fragment, 2000
Dancing Vertebra, 2000
Gingivitis, 2002
Diagram of Reality #0, 2001
Diagram of Reality # Sq root -1, 2001
Diagram of Reality #B, 2001
Four Eyed Skull, 2002
Curled Tongue, 2002
Meeting Tatiana, 2002
Fox, 2002
Grasping, 2002
The Purification Process, 2002
Self Portrait With Sleep Deprivation, 2003
Self Digestion, 2003
Meditating, 2003
Psychological Development, 2003
Flowers Grow from Shit, 2003
Three Stages of Love, 2003
An Eye Lokks Out from Behind its Mask, 2003
After the Party, 2004
One Last Argument, 2004
Not Reacting, 2004
The Days Go By, 2004
And Yet, 2004
Refracted Thought Control, 2004
Gone to Hades, 2004
Silent, 2004

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Quote for the day-
"...whether unity is or is not, both it and the others are and are not, and appear and do not appear to be all things in all ways, relative both to themselves and to each other."

(Plato, Parmenides 166c)

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