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Bite The Hand That Bites You, 2000
See Birds, 2000
Too faced, 2000
The Angel's Chariot, 2000
Electric Penguin, 2000
Flower In Heaven, 2000
Gin Seng Insomnia, 2000
The Faces of Sickness and Health, 2002
The Mask of Certainty, 2002
Sign Wave, 2002
Centrifugal Face, 2002
Climbing the Mountain of Thought, 2002
After the Final Exam, 2002
Flower and Song, 2000-2001
Mental Dentist, 2002
Serpents, 2000-2001
The Brain And Mind Question, 2002
Buxom Truths, 2000-2002
The Necessary Properties of Thought, 2002
The Start of The Process, 2002
Neon Eyes, 2003
Neon Eyes, 2003
Dancing by the Main Stage, 2003
Fear of Intimacy, 2003
Massage, 2003
Waiting to be Untrapped, 2003
The Time of the Two Shadows, 2003
Flower and Seed of Eleusis, 2003

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"As great as the infinite space beyond is the space within the lotus of the heart."

(Chandogya Upanishad, ch VIII, 1.3)

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