Pictures from Reality

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Reclining Nude
Reclining Nude 2
Standining Nude
Standing Nude 2
The Promenade at Nice
Palais de Justice
French Hotel
Statue in Nice
View from the Park Near Nietzsche's House
The Road Where Nietzsche Lived
Genoese Hills
Gargoyle on a Police Station
Gargoyle on a Bank
Detail from The Kiss
Detail from The Paris Kiss
Mark, 1998
Lorna's Eye, 2003
The Rest of Lorna's Face, 2003
The WInter Hills, 2003
Stick Insect Head, 1996
Rabbit skull, 1996
An insect at the Theatre of Dionysus, 2003
Mothra, 2003
Standing Nude, 2003
Reclining Nude, 2003
Sitting Nude, 2003
Crouching Nude, 2003

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Quote for the day-
" object transports us so quickly into pure aesthetic contemplation, as the most beautiful human countenance and form..."

(Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Idea bk 3, 45)

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