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By William George Bashford

In memoriam

William George Bashford

24th Dec 1979 - 24th May 2005

This website is maintained in memory of our beloved son and brother Will, a wonderful young man taken from us at the age of 25 yrs. He created the site all those years ago to display his colourful and imaginative paintings and drawings to the world. We hope they will bring back memories for his friends, and that those wanderers who chance upon the site will enjoy these creations of a talented and original mind

The Chronological Galleries

4 Oils, 8 Acrylics, 4 Photographs, 8 Drawings
8 Oils, 9 Watercolours, 8 Acrylics, 10 Drawings, 4 Ink
1 Oil, 16 Watercolours, 12 Drawings
3 Oil & Collage, 2 Watercolours, 24 Acrylics, 3 Drawings
12 Watercolours, 8 Digital, 20 Drawings
3 Oils, 20 Photographs, 4 Charcoal, 16 Digital, 1 Collage
9 Oils, 8 Drawings
3 Drawings, 3 Mixed Media
3 Drawings

The Psychedelically Backgrounded Galleries

Oils Pictures from Reality
Drawings Watercolours
Digital Art Acrylics
Photography Links
Art by Friends About Art by Will
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Quote for the day-
"All is riddle, and the key to a riddle is another riddle."
(Emerson, The Conduct of Life, IX)

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