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Self Portrait from the Umbilical Reality, 2000
Receding Allele, 2000
Sage Divines This, 2000
Ed's Mind, 1998
Totem Pole, 2000
Glastonbury Crop Circles, 2000
Flower2, 2000
Hand2, 1999
Ephemeral Tapestry, 2000
Tidal Vortex, 2000
Hand1, 1999
Hand7, 1999
Hand3, 1999
Hand4, 1999
Hand5, 1999
Hand6, 1999
Red Mandala, 1999
Time Fracture, 1999
Timefrac7, 1999
The Bluring of Time, 1999
Alien, 1999
Bone, 1999
Dragon, 1999
Fingerprint, 1999
Green Head, 1999
Stained Glass Window, 1999
Time, 1999
Wizard, 1999

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"And close your eyes with holy dread, For he on honey dew hath fed, And drank the milk of paradise."

(Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Kubla Kaan)

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